Quick Tips for Kapotasana

Deep back bends are often something that people "OOO" and "AHH" about. These heart openers are appealing to the eye but there is a lot of internal work that happens when learning to execute these [...]

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Surf & Yoga

  WARNING: THIS POST IS LONG OVERDUE   I knew I was going to be teaching yoga at a surf and yoga retreat. What I didn’t expect was to fall in love with surfing. I [...]

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How I Became Flexible?

How I became so flexible is probably my #1 question. The downside is that I often feel like people want me to respond with a quick and easy answer that will make them more flexible [...]

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Marijuana and Yoga

I personally used to be against smoking weed and practicing yoga because for me it made me feel unbalanced, unfocused, and just plain lazy. However, this is a pretty harsh judgement when you step back and [...]

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