I did a lot of eating in London. I mean, I dedicated days specifically to eating and exploring to find the absolute best places!

At first, I was worried about finding places to eat. I felt like I did a ton of research on google for the best vegan places and I kept getting lead to restaurants with “vegan options” (aka salads). Which is bullshit! So let me give you the REAL on the London vegan spots. I’ve included pictures to make you drool.

#1: Rudy’s Vegan Diner


Oh my stars this is junk food heaven. Don’t come here if you want to act like a rabbit. There’s nothing on the menu that taste bad. It’s the type of place where you want to try everything but know you can’t eat it all (or can you?). They don’t even have a website. I honestly felt like it was a hole in the wall type of place. Even my host never heard of it.


#2: Farm Girl Cafe

London’s most instagramable cafe tucked away in the colorful streets Notting Hill. (No seriously, I saw a blogger put her Louis bag next to her perfectly set up avocado toast and latte and take pictures with a camera that probably cost at least 1 month of rent.

) The pink tables give this place such a charming vibe. I love that they have a wide variety on their drink menu and I’m a sucker for latte art! Because I’m a piggy I got the BLT but they have healthy options if you’re into that…

#3: Comptoir V

Moroccan Vegan Food. I repeat MOROCCAN. VEGAN. FOOD. * NOT A DRILL*

It took a while to get to this place but it’s literally 20 steps away from the tube. In the photo you’ll see shrimp. Yup, its vegan shrimp. (drool). They have a ton of options on their menu, only problem was that they didn’t have some of these options available. Slightly disappointed in the slim pickin’s but what I did order was the bees knees.    

#4: Wild Food Cafe

Healthy choices and overpriced vegan food is on the menu. Don’t get me wrong, it was all super tasty, but I wish they had a few more options. It’s an upstairs cafe that has big open windows which is awesome because the place is rather small. Check them out on Instagram because they have a badass following.


#5 Cookies and Scream

This blog would be incomplete if I didn’t give ya’ll the low down on where to get the best vegan desserts. I have never, in my 25 years of living, tasted a milkshake so damn good. The cookie dough milkshake with little cookie dough bites on top took me to vegan heaven. Every sip made my eyes roll back in orgasmic love for this milkshake. I wish I was exaggerating and I also wish I had time to go to this place twice. It’s probably best that I experienced it towards the end of my trip otherwise I would have been there every day.


Now that I’ve showed you all what a gluttonous freak I am…

I hope you all have at least enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing about all the great things I ate that you didn’t! If you live in London, just know I’m jealous. And if any of you ever get a chance to visit, whether your vegan or not, check out at least one of these places!


Other places bomb ass food places I forgot to take pictures of but here’s a list:

Crosstown doughnuts (picture is in the blog photo)

Wulf and Lamb (Best burger)

Cook Daily (A MUST)

Club Mexicana (vegan jackfruit burritos, WTF YUM)