This is actually one of the hardest travel experiences blog I have had to write. I honestly don’t even know where to begin. I feel like I should start by expressing my gratitude to my amazing host, Kiki and Richard. Without their generosity this trip would have never happened.

After Kiki taking notice of my hardships I was having she offered her home as a getaway for me. I had no idea how life changing and healing this trip would be.

I could go on and on about all the sights I saw, the things I did, the amazing food I ate, but I really want this blog to be different. Because I came back to from London a changed person. (Don’t worry I’m going to make a little blog scrapbook of all the photos and sights).


I was devastated after leaving a toxic relationship. London was my light at the end of the dark tunnel I felt trapped in. London, maybe in someways, saved me.

After a peaceful flight I arrived in London with nothing but adventure and excitement in my heart. Understandably, I was nervous because I was staying with strangers and vice versa, I was a stranger to them. Upon meeting Kiki at the train station I felt somewhat comforted and felt like this was going to be a trip that would leave an impact.

I was free.

I was able to get up early and do my practice.┬áSleep in and not practice. I would write in my journal. Read and stay up late watching Netflix. Paint. Meditate. Eat. and eat. and eat. I would explore and take the train not knowing where I’d end up. I was able to just be me. I was able to just be raw. I was able to gain my strength and confidence back.

All the exploring and people watching I did made me realize that we’re all just trying to survive out here. Even after meeting Jessica Olie, who I idolize for being a young female entrepreneur, seeing her work so hard to create a vision, succeeding, and even then still being nervous about all the steps shes taking. People don’t see themselves. We don’t see how amazing we are. We don’t see how capable we are. And even when we’re being assholes, we don’t always see it.

The most significant conversations.

Kiki told me about a guy on the tube who commented about her nose ring. Telling her that she would look better without it. And although part of her wanted to be offended and tell this douche bag to piss off she calmly said, “Thanks for your perspective, I’ll consider that”. She was blissed out on a yoga practice but that just goes to show how powerful yoga can be for the mind.

Some people just want to be heard. And we can be offended and sour or we can have compassion and understanding. I’ve started to incorporate that lighthearted thinking when I’m approached with negative comments.

Believing in myself.

Lets be honest, those influencers who just get to live their life and post about it are pretty lucky. They probably know how lucky they are. But that’s not me currently. I work a lot. It took me working 5 jobs to afford to go to London. I skip posts because I don’t have time. I don’t spend all day journaling and figuring how I can be more interesting to my followers. However, I really want to get to that point. I would love to explore the world and discover myself and in return share that with people and encourage them to live out their dream. I would love to teach workshops and meet everyone who supports me. London is where I found my faith that I was lacking to take the next step.

My entire time in London I spent healing. Even healing parts of me that I didn’t know needed healing. I had meaningful and deep conversations. I discovered a new me. I also made genuine friendships and I don’t think I’ll ever be the same person after meeting Kiki and Richard.

I left with a soft heart, a bolder spirit, and a little bit more nerve to just GO FOR IT.

This blog is simply my highlights. The things that impacted me the most. It’s why its written so choppy. These are just my thoughts being thrown up onto my computer screen. This is about as raw as it gets.



xoxo Sydney