I know all too well what it’s like to be “stuck” in a job you don’t enjoy. Maybe the hours suck or the pay doesn’t support you like you deserve. Maybe you co-workers are idiots. Maybe you’re not all that good at your job but you there so you might as well stay. I’ve been in jobs in ALL those situations. 

I’ve had jobs that pay really well but I feel so out of place. I’ve worked with bullies and have been sexually harassed. I have had the most lazy damn co-workers that I felt like “whats the point anymore?”

THIS IS TOXIC. Ok Sydney, but what can I do? I can’t just up and leave!

Before you jump down my throat and give me reasons why you’re forced to be miserable let’s check the attitude toward it all. All I can say is: I WISH I KNEW THIS STUFF WHEN I WAS IN MIDST OF MY MOST TOXIC JOBS. 

Side note: If you’re not aligning your work with your purpose then your job will feel toxic.

Ok let me stop rambling and get to the point. 

First, look at your job, co-workers, and paychecks with gratitude and love. Every time you receive your paycheck thank the universe, yourself, then the company who gave it to you. See your co-workers as brothers and sisters and open up your heart and send those loving vibes to them by creating them in yourself. Look at your job with fresh eyes, like you’ve never seen or stepped foot in your job before. Your job is keeping you a-float right now, there must be some reason why you are still there. Is there a lesson you still need to learn? Is it fear of switching routine that is spooking you. Get clear on the why you’re still there.

Making a switch is never easy. It’s actually fucking terrifying. What will my income look like? What if I fail? What if I can’t do it? What if my family doesn’t approve? I could go on and on but only you know what your biggest fear is. Personally, mine was money. I’ve got debt. But I also had a perfect opportunity to test my trust in the universe. Instead of focusing on my fear I focused on manifesting my perfect opportunity. Sometimes manifesting the goal isn’t always the way to go but instead manifest the opportunity. Maybe your hours got cut. Sucks, money will be tight but you’ll have more time to start that healthy recipes website you always wanted to do! “Thank you universe for giving me the perfect opportunity to take steps towards my dream,” is the mantra I used. 

Pay attention! The opportunities could disguise themselves as struggles. But struggles are just little obstacles in the right direction! As soon as started to ask the universe to open up an opportunity for me it did’t take long to start seeing changes in my job that made it unbearable for me to stay. I think of all the toxic jobs I’ve been through just to finally realize that this is not what aligns with me and I cannot submit to my fear! It seems like every time I get into a job that I don’t align with I end up in depression, anxiety, terrible sleep, and irritability. Which of course effects other places in my life. 

Lastly, I want to leave you with this bit. I’m not suggesting you be a drama queen and storm into the workplace and tell your boss that you quit. I’m suggesting you take action to where you want to be. Think of the hours you spend scrolling through facebook or instagram knowing damn well those are hours you can be using to manifest your dream. This isn’t about money or time. This is about fulfilling your purpose. This is about having a toxic job with a non-toxic attitude. These are conscious steps to fulfilling your purpose.

GOOD LUCK!! Leave a comment below and share on facebook! Xoxo Sydney