When you know better you do better. 

-Maya Angelou


I could write a novel about all the failures I’ve had. I know you may have heard the Einstein story and other leaders who have failed and then succeeded. While those stories are inspiring it can sound cliche in the midst of feeling defeated. 

Here’s the deal babe: You weren’t defeated. That failure was preparing you for your success. You were given the blessing of a teachable moment so you can become more resilient than you were before that failure. The evidence for success will be in your failures. 

You are learning exactly what it is that you will teach and share with the world. You may have failed but you’ll get back up because showing up is the most loving thing you can do for yourself. The fact that you tried and had the willingness to be strong just proves how much of a fucking badass you already are. 

If you keep making the same mistake again then ask yourself, “what is the universe trying to teach me.” Lessons will keep showing up in your life until you learn them fully. Take into consideration the timing of these failures. Because it may be a no right now, but it’s a yes to something else.