Never be afraid to modify! Yoga can be fun but injuries are never enjoyable. Camel Pose is one of my favorite heart openers. I always feel such a release after practicing this pose. It is important to practice any backbend safely and to do so I created some awesome little guides for you!


Modification #1:

This is perfect if your just beginning. It’s also a great way to learn to lengthen the spine and breath as you bend.

Modification #2 :

If you have blocks, use them! It’s nice to have a prop to test the waters on your back. If you find the first modification to be too easy then try this one to get a bit more deeper. This is also a good way to move your self gently into modification 3.

Modification #3:

Please be mindful of your low back. Continue opening the chest to relieve pressure. If you’re able to modify this then you are well on your way to the full pose!

I hoped these modifications help! Feel free to message me with any questions or comments! Happy flowing!