Hey beautiful humans! I’m Sydney Resner. For those of you who don’t know me I am passionate about yoga, writing, and exploring new places! I’ve lived in a few different cities but currently settled back in my hometown to work on my blog and grow a yoga community here in Williamsburg, VA.

I found a passion for yoga when I was about to turn 21. My lifestyle was unhealthy to say the least. I ate like crap, I smoked cigarettes, and found myself falling in and out of depression. Yoga gave me the courage to take better care of myself simply because I deserved it! I later settled on Ashtanga Yoga as my fundamentals to a yoga practice. I was very fortunate to get the opportunity to receive my 200RYT from Kino MacGregor in Miami, FL. From there, I began teaching yoga in Seattle till later moving and traveling.

My blog didn’t come until I found I needed a place for all my thoughts.  I began keeping a journal and later decided that I wanted to publish some of these thoughts in hopes of meeting like-minded people. I didn’t always like writing because I never felt “good” at it. I knew it would be healthy for my yoga journey and maybe I would inspire some along the way.


Traveling has always been a huge part of my heart. I get overwhelmed with joy when I’m planning a trip. I made lot of bold decisions to move or to travel that has built up a lot of my character and independence. I believe a new place is just a new perspective. I’ve learned so much about myself from emerging myself in different cultures.

My overall goal is to help others with a yoga practice and to share everything that inspires me. I encourage everyone to dream big and smile often!