I recently discovered the power or gratitude through a book call the The Magic. It was in this book that I realized how abundantly blessed I am in every second. The moment I start wanting to complain about my circumstances or focus on what I haven’t done is the moment I begin to lower my vibration. I highly recommend everyone to give this gratitude book a try but if not heres my favorite, most convenient, ways to express daily gratitude.

WARNING: This magical power can improve your mood instantly. Some may experience: better mood, euphoria, business success, better relationships, better health, more money, and overall better quality of life.

  1. a GOOD morning

Starting off the day with gratitude is setting a foundation for an amazing day! I love writing out the things I’m grateful for in the morning. I also write WHY I’m grateful and then re-read each one and say thank you with all my heart. Example: I’m so grateful for my laptop because it allows me to write fun blogs! Thank you so much! 

2) Money, where you at?

Ok first I need you to think back to holidays, graduations, birthdays, paychecks, babysitting money, coupons, all the money that has ever been given to you. It’s probably a generous amount. The problem is that we focus on the money we don’t have and the things we cannot afford. So I personally have a note on my dream board that says, “ Thank you for all the money that has been given to me throughout my life.” I repeat this daily!  Stay present about your finances and you’ll start to raise your vibration of money. 

PRO TIP: Every time you receive money say thank you. Every time you have the money to pay a bill, say thank you. That grateful energy has to overflow!

3) Health is Wealth y’all

Think of all the amazing events you’ve been to where you have been perfectly healthy. Think of all the amazing food that nourishes us and gives us strength. The gift of health is what is keeping us alive and it’s important to never take our health for granite. Right now, close your eyes and thank your body. Thank your heart, thank your skin, thank your eyes, thank your arms, your legs, all these organs, body parts, and cells that work together to keep you alive and allow you to enjoy the world. 

4) Grateful for success

If you’re like me and you’re trying to figure out how to live your dream job, get more clients, or attract the right people you can do that with the power of gratitude. For example: if you’re running a business and only have 2 clients be so grateful for the 2. Feel it in your bones. Be grateful for your instagram following, your blog readers, your customers, and any one and everyone who encourages your success. I bet you have more people in your corner than you think! You just have to consciously choose gratitude to see it. The higher your vibration is the more things that will start working in your favor.

5) a GOOD night

Going to bed after a day of gratitude is the best way to sleep! End your night by thinking about the best thing that happened to your today. Maybe there wasn’t traffic on your way to work. Maybe you ran into an old friend. Or maybe you go the last croissant at the coffee shop! But you need a reminder. The book recommends keeping a rock by your bed and holding it while you thank the best thing that happened. After a while it just became habit but the rock is a great reminder starting out!

Starting and ending your day with gratitude is probably the most important way to start practicing but adding other gratitude practices does help you raise your vibration and carry on the day with a grateful heart. I truly love sharing this with everyone because I really believe that a grateful heart is a magnet for miracles. 

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