3 Messages My Guides Shared

I have been really trying to get on top of my meditation practice. Almost every book of manifestation, gratitude, and stories of successful women that I have read all have something in common. A strong mediation and prayer practice. I’m really a novice at mediation. But I’m getting better and recently had a break though after calling on my spirit guides. 

I was so blown away from the messages that came to me that my heart filled with love, compassion was pumping through my veins, and I felt as if my skin was sparkling. Of course, I love sharing my experiences in detail with you! But these messages weren’t just for me. I received the calling to share them.


The support is within me. The support is within the universe. Seeking approval of every step and risk I take is wasting my energy and feeding my fear. LIFE IS BETWEEN YOU, YOURSELF, & THE UNIVERSE. You’re a team.


This may seem like something you heard before. But awareness of your energy is a true blessing. You are a generator! The universe is simply a copy cat of your energy, we call this copy cat-REALITY. 


This is a big one! Generating positive energy and becoming aware of our thoughts, actions, and fear based beliefs can lead to freedom. Now that all sounds simple but we’re missing an ingredient: having faith. Hope and faith are completely different. Faith involves surrendering. Faith is more powerful than just wishing for something. Faith is knowing in your heart of hearts that the universe is taking care of it all.  Awareness and faith combined you have a sense of peace and freedom. 

I’m still meditating on these things. I don’t think I have all the answers but I know I gained clarity in that very moment. This makes turning to mediation for guidance so encouraging. Don’t worry, I’ve had plenty of meditations where I felt unfocused or that I cut short because I felt “bored.” But I do believe that the answers you seek can be found within the stillness of yourself. 


Xoxox Sydney